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TriShield Life and Annuity

For TriShield Life and Annuity, a seasoned life insurance agent, James Frisbie, is branching into the world of annuities, and asked our team to design a logo that strikes the perfect balance between elegance and modern feel. The centerpiece of our design is a graceful tree, representing growth and stability. Its three concentric rings symbolize the layers of safety and protection that TriShield offers to its clients. Our design was carefully thought out, conveying a sense of family and interconnectedness, vital values in the insurance business. It communicates both expertise and a personal touch. The TriShield logo not only reflects the company’s commitment to safeguarding its clients’ futures but also their dedication to staying current and stylish in a dynamic industry. This logo is not just an emblem; it’s a statement of the brand’s unwavering promise.

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- Logo Design
- Brand Design

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